Exposures happen.

How many are putting your company at risk?

Quickly find out with an External Exposure Scan. 


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External threats move fast. Move faster with External Attack Surface Management from CybelAngel EASMX 

Take CybelAngel EASMX for a test drive and get swift results that make an immediate impact. Powered by advanced machine learning, multiple exhaustive search methodologies, and the analysis of experienced cyber analysts, CybelAngel EASMX discovers Shadow IT and Threat Exposures other solutions can't. 


Complete. Submit. Within 72 hours we'll show you up to three exposures that may be putting your company at risk. Let’s go!


Get CybelAngel EASMX and...

  • Get an exhaustive, real-time, living map of your entire external digital landscape

  • Uncover security flaws, evaluate, and address vulnerabilities

  • Fortify your network through identification of critical blindspots

  • Gain oversight of you external attack surface (including 3rd-party & supply chain)

  • Identify shadow IT before cyber criminals can find them and wreak havoc



CybelAngel is best of breed for [detecting] leaked data that can be accessed outside the enterprise perimeter, such as public cloud environments or connected storage devices.

COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE: Digital risk protection services 2021, Elizabeth Kim, Ruggero Contu | GARTNER


Visibility into vulnerable
blind spots

We provide the most comprehensive, in-depth, ever-expanding scanning surface on the market.


Critical insights
into critical threats

We send only actionable alerts with zero false positives so you can focus on what matters most.


threat detection

Proactively identify and resolve threats with lightning-fast detection well before they’re exploited.

Activate the full scope of CybelAngel for 3 days and detect exposure through:


Data Breach Prevention


Asset Discovery & Monitoring


Account Takeover Prevention


Domain Protection


Dark Web Monitoring

We will scan a range of sources including:

  • File servers
  • Databases
  • Cloud storage
  • Websites
  • SaaS Applications
  • Code sharing tools
  • Domain names
  • Deep and dark web
  • Shadow IT
  • IOT
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