How to Spot Open Doors in Your Network

Secure your external attack surface

Organizations are faced with growing attack surfaces as their technological environments become increasingly complex and diverse.  Are you aware of all the shadow IT, fake websites or lost credentials - “the open doors” - in your network that are putting your organization at risk of a cyberattack? 

Earlier this year, Gartner® identified external attack surface expansion as the number one trend in cybersecurity and risk management. However, in conversations with cybersecurity professionals, CybelAngel has discovered that awareness and knowledge of the external attack surface varies widely across the industry—differing across geographical regions and organizational maturity.

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  • How you can decrease your cybersecurity risk by securing your external attack surface

  • What you should look for in an EASM solution to implement it into your organization

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CybelAngel protects its customers with External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solutions with an extensive and continuous ‘outside-in’ search of an organization’s internet-facing attack surface to discover exposed and unknown assets, produce a living map of online infrastructure, and uncover hidden vulnerabilities and threats. CybelAngel analysts then contextualize the most critical findings based upon business severity and perceived risk. This unique combination of machine and human intelligence leads to the highest signal-to-noise ratio on the market, leaving IT and Security teams free to focus on core business operations.