Identify and Remediate
Data Leaks across the Supply Chain

Securing the whole supply chain

Data leaks happen, but data breaches and abuse can be avoided. CybelAngel, a global provider of digital risk management services, helps companies detect and remediate data leaks. CybelAngel identifies internal data leaks, plus external data leaks, such as those that occur in the Supply Chain.

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  • Challenges of third-party data leaks

  • The digital transformation increasing business risk

  • Common sources of data leaks and how CybelAngel
    approaches supply chain security and helps mitigate risk


At CybelAngel, we see beyond perimeters to protect businesses from the most critical external digital threats. Our unique machine learning platform and expert analysts provide a powerful solution to proactively protect from threats. CybelAngel’s speed and accuracy help a company close the loop on digital risks long before attackers see an opportunity.