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 In this report, Forrester provides an overview of the threat intelligence market, including the definition of external threat intelligence service providers (ETISPs) and their role in helping organizations reduce physical and cyber risks, improve decision-making capabilities, and complement internal security threat intelligence.

The Forrester report emphasizes the importance of selecting the right ETISP based on factors such as size, market focus, geography, and use case differentiation. It also discusses the business value of threat intelligence, including its ability to enhance cyber resiliency, improve security decision-making, and complement internal security resources. 

The Forrester report includes a list of notable ETISPs categorized by market size and provides insights into the core and extended use cases of threat intelligence. It also presents functionality tables to guide organizations in choosing the appropriate functionalities based on their specific use cases and business requirements. CybelAngel has been recognized as the only vendor supporting all extended use cases.


CybelAngel protects its customers with External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solutions with an extensive and continuous ‘outside-in’ search of an organization’s internet-facing attack surface to discover exposed and unknown assets, produce a living map of online infrastructure, and uncover hidden vulnerabilities and threats. CybelAngel analysts then contextualize the most critical findings based upon business severity and perceived risk. This unique combination of machine and human intelligence leads to the highest signal-to-noise ratio on the market, leaving IT and Security teams free to focus on core business operations.