Exposed Databases:
When It Leaks,
Hacker's Breach

How is your business vulnerable?

Most organizations use databases to store sensitive information. Unfortunately, a large number of databases are left exposed with little to no authentication. These open databases result in organizations of all sizes, unknowingly, leaving back doors to their data open, which can be exploited to devastating effect by hackers. With original research from CybelAngel and ISMG.

Download this whitepaper for:

  • A description of the extent of the “Open Database Leaks” problem

  • An identification of what and where the main vulnerabilities are

  • An illustration of the ways in which leaks are exploited

  • An explanation of how CybelAngel’s Digital Risk Protection
    Platform and cybersecurity expertise can be used to discover
    and fix exposure before leaks become breaches


At CybelAngel, we see beyond perimeters to protect businesses from the most critical external digital threats. Our unique machine learning platform and expert analysts provide a powerful solution to proactively protect from threats. CybelAngel’s speed and accuracy help a company close the loop on digital risks long before attackers see an opportunity.