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CybelAngel 2024 State of the External Attack Surface Report

A special analysis of the EASM threat landscape based on 192 trillion data points. Learn more below
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Essential Insights for CISOs

At CybelAngel, we utilize state-of-the-art technology for external attack surface management, allowing us to connect with our clients across the globe.

Every day, we scan 6 billion data points on the internet, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the vast scope and scale of external attack threats.

In an environment where diverse threats emanate from countless sources, we know you face a unique challenge in protecting and anticipating threats to your attack surface.

That's why we offer our distinct insights on the evolving digital threat landscape, equipping organizations with the necessary insights to proactively manage and mitigate risks.

Explore our annual report for an invaluable overview of threats and actionable strategies.

4 Insights to Shape Your 2024 External Attack Strategy

Exposed databases doubled from 740K to 1.5M in 2023.
11% increase in exposed data from the Cloud last year.
79% of all alerts we sent in 2023 came from outside of the client IT perimeter.
75% of vulnerabilities are found in just 5 areas.

8 CISO Dilemmas become 8 Actionable Insights

  • Deep Diving into the Biggest Breach of 2023
  • How Human Error Exposed 3.8 Billion Records
  • Why is Ransomware so Lawless?
  • How are Resurgent Infostealers Fuelling Unease?
  • Exploring Cloud Exposure Risks in Healthcare
  • Third Parties, Threats and Stolen Data
  • Future Threats and File Servers Spell Trouble
  • Available Assets and Vulnerabilities



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